Frequent weight loss mistakes

In a century where obesity increases in statistics all around the globe, weight loss has become a subject of high interest for everyone. Although the information which a person needs to lose weight is out there, people still have problems when they try to get rid of the extra pounds from their bodies.So, in this article we’ve decided to write a list with the most important weight loss mistakes that most people make when they try to lose weight.

The 6 most frequent weight loss mistakes


Too much cardio too soon


Most of the people that are looking to lose weight the first thing they do in order to achieve this goal is that they go to the gym and hop on a treadmill and run for 1 hour. What all these people don’t know is that by doing this thing they will slow down their metabolism pretty fast and after a period of time their weight loss will stall and from that point problems will arise.

In order to avoid this make sure that you build up your cardio time, start with 15 minutes for 4-5 days per week and after the scale stalls for 1 week increase the duration of it with another 5 minutes. By doing this you will help your metabolism and body to adapt much easier and better.

Too many carbohydrates and too little protein


When people try to lose weight, most times, they don’t lower their carbohydrates intake and they don’t increase their protein intake. Your protein intake needs to be sufficient enough to support weight loss and lean mass gain. Lowering Carbs and increasing protein are critical to the weight loss process.

When Lowering Carb intake, make sure that you lower your carbohydrates gradually, but no less than 100-150 grams per day, and increase your protein intake to 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass, which is your bodyweight without fat.

Not tracking macros


Starting the weight loss process lowering their food intake without any type of plan is a big mistake. This could potential slow down your metabolism and is counterproductive to losing weight. Before starting the weight loss process make sure that you know what your maintenance calories are and after that lower your calories with 200-300 under your maintenance. If your body adapts and you see no progress for 1-2 weeks then decrease 200-300 more calories and so on.

Working Out To Much


Yes you can work out to much and yes it can hurt you in weight loss journey.

When a person is working out or training to lose weight, surely you have cut back on the caloric intake, meaning that your body is already is going through an adjustment and may be a little stressed. This adjustment period reduces your body’s ability to recover between workouts which could lead to other problems besides stalling your weight loss.Not only can working out too much stall weight loss, you increase your odds of burning out and quitting. This is how many people lose weight and then gain it all backTo avoid the burnout of working out to much and hurting your diet you should listen to your body. When your body feels tired, focus on rest. It is ok to cut back on the frequency of your workouts while cutting calories. This may help you in the long run.

Taking advantages of the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) principles


These days IIFYM is very popular and everyone does it, but many people are doing it wrong. The fact that IIFYM is more flexible in terms of food choices, it does not mean that you can eat ice cream all day.

Your diet needs to consist of mostly whole foods which are not only rich in macronutrients, but they are also rich in micronutrients, phytonutrients and other active substances that will help the body function better and lose weight optimally.

Quitting the weight loss process


The worst mistake ever, which many dieters do is, they quit very fast after they start a weight loss process, they expect to lose all the pounds of fat that they accumulated in years, in just 1-2 months. In order to avoid this thing happen to you also make sure that when you start your weight loss process to not have an unrealistic goal. Set small achievable goals and move forward.

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