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Top Five Supplements For Athletes

An Athlete uses more energy than the average human being and an athlete’s body will require more nutrients in order to recover & grow. We have researched and made a list of the top five supplements for athletes. Supplements have been around forever and finding the right one is harder than ever. We have found the best performance supplements for increasing speed, strength, and endurance.

Are you looking to increase your performance in practice and in the game? You athletic preference may be basketball, football, soccer, or maybe even tennis. It doesn’t matter which one you prefer but if you take your physical ability, your strength, and your health serious then you are in the right place!

Get your supplement game up!


You have probably heard about creatine as it is one of the researched and most effective supplements on the market. Athletes that use creatine monohydrate will experience an increase in muscle growth, increased endurance, and increased strength.athlete's dunk

There is research showing that creatine will improve power and explosives on the football field, muscular endurance for weight lifting, and sprint performance in sports like basketball and track.

The best creatine for athletes

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Lifting Weights, Running, and practicing all put stress on your body. The longer you lift, the longer you run, the longer you practice, the more that stress on your body builds up. If you want to benefit the most from your hard work then your body needs to recover. Protein is essentially for recovery which helps reduce soreness and helps muscle to grow.

Football picture

The consumption of protein after a tough day in the gym or on the field will help you recover faster and you will hold on to more of your muscle mass. The best type of protein for an athlete is whey protein. Whey is a fast acting and fast delivery protein. It is quickly digested by the body and delivered to the muscles.

Dominate your next Game with protein!

The Best Protein for athletes

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Are you looking to shave time off of your forty-yard dash or maybe you are looking to increase your vertical jump a few inches. Caffeine can help with all of that and has been used in sports since the early 1900’s. Caffeine is a natural stimulant and will enhance physical performance, stamina, or recovery.

track athlete

Caffeine is known by most for its ability to keep you alert and is usually consumed through coffee and energy drinks. It also has been proven to reduce the feeling of being tired & it a natural fat burner.  Suggested Consumption is (250-400 MILLIGRAMS FOR A 145-POUND INDIVIDUAL) 35-45 MINUTES PRIOR TO EXERCISE.

Suggested Caffeine Supplement.

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As an athlete, we all want to be our best and do our best. It is the competitive nature of sports that keeps us going. There is nothing that will give you more of an edge above the competition than hard work. If you work hard then you will reach all your goals and the list above can definitely give you that extra push that you need to being the best that you can be. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend baller, give these supplements a go. STEP YOUR SUPPLEMENT GAME UP!

Have you taken any supplement? Drop a comment and let us know you story.

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