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5 Great Reasons on Why Women Should Lift Weights!

Have you heard all of the horror stories about how lifting heavy weights will make you bulky! Maybe you have read or heard someone say it will cause damage to your joints. These are all made up stories that keep women from the benefits of weight training.

Ladies it is time to put all of the fears and myths away and get into the weight room. There is no scientific proof that lifting weights does any of those awful things that people make up. Weight lifting will make you healthier, stronger, and give you a lean body.

Weight Training will actually help you to reach all of your weight loss goals faster than cardio. It is time to get off of the treadmill and the yoga mat. Here are 5 good reasons women should lift weights.

speed weight loss

Reason 1: Speeds up Weight-Loss

The big incentive to weight training is that it gives your body the ability to burn fat while you exercise and after you exercise. I know you are wondering, wow will your body burn fat after exercise. After 1 hour of strength training in the gym, your body will continue to intake additional oxygen hours after the workout is over. The body uses more oxygen, which causes you to burn more calories and it increases your metabolism. Great Right! See the strength training has way more benefits than just building big arms.


Reason 2: Better Sleep

Strength training will also improve you quality of sleep. You will be able to fall asleep faster and enter into a deeper sleep. Results from the Better Sleep Council survey shown that “60 percent of people who lift weights on a regular basis average more than seven hours of sleep each night”.


Reason 3: Relieve a little stress

Yes! Weight training is a great stress reliever. Really any type of Exercise in can be decent way to manage stress. There is ample research that have found that people who regularly strength train tend to manage stress better. This is great for people with high levels of stress!


Reason 4: Add curves to your body

When doing hours and hours of cardio, your body loses weight. You lose a lot of fat but you also lose precious muscle.  Muscle that helps you maintain that helps you maintain you figure. Pumping a little iron helps you maintain and keep the necessary muscles to keep you looking good and feeling good.

Reason 5: Wait There’s More: Many more Benefits

Heart Health – reduces your risk of heart disease

Bone Health – decreases risk of osteoporosis and is a great way to combat loss of bone mass.

Increase Libido – increase your stamina in the bedroom

Become more flexible – Over time, resistance training can help become more limber

Conclusion: Every woman wants to take care of her body and look great! You want to play with your children, fit into that dress, & lose weight faster!  You can do this with weight training. We have listed all of the benefits and a hopefully got rid of any doubts. Now it is Time for you to weigh in! What are your favorite strength training exercises? Is Weight Lifting Intimidating to you?


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