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2015 Weight-Loss Solutions for the New Year

2015 New Year’s Resolution for weight loss. It is that time of the year again when everyone tells themselves that is a New Year, New Me. Making a Resolution is the easy part but sticking to it can be very difficult. 85 percent of Weight Loss Based Solutions fail within the first month. We are going to give you guys some great tips so that you don’t become a statistic.

Fat Loss Tips for the New Year

  1. Set a weight Loss Goal

Setting a goal is important when it comes to anything in life but it is especially important when it comes to weight-loss.  Most people set a simple goal stating that they are going to lose weight in the New Year.  That is great but you need to take a step further and create a plan for that goal. Creating a goal and a plan will ensure that you do not revert back to old eating habits and continue training.  It is important that you set a goal that is reachable and realistic. Set trackable goals that you can keep a log of every week. Buy you a scale that measures body mass, weight, and hydration. Health o Meter Glass Body Fat Scale is a good  choice and it is pretty cheap. You should all track your gym time and try to be consistent and visit the gym at the same time every time if possible.


  1. Find a place to work out; gym or home

Finding a great place to work out is vital for your success when trying to lose weight. You want to look for a place that you can be comfortable when working out.  Some gyms can be very intimidating. A few gyms that are friendly would be 24 hour fitness, fitness planet, and curves for women. These are great gyms and they have great staff. Gyms are not for everyone and if is not for you then working out from home would be ideal. Get you a workout program like T24 Workout or purchase some weights for you in-home gym. Make sure your workouts are timed and structured. Remember to work out for 1 hour max so get in and get out.


  1. Workout with a friend

Team up with a friend or a relative that will hold you accountable. Some days you will not feel like working out or eating right and a friend can pick you up when you fall off. It easier to force yourself to get up and go workout out when you know a friend is waiting on you.


  1. Find a diet program or keep a food diary

I am not a huge fan of diet programs but I must say that they do serve a purpose and helps you with tracking calories. Weight- Watchers, Lean Cuisine, and Atkins all help you manage calorie intake. I recommend keeping a food diary or using an app like myfitnesspal to help count calories and have something you can look back at.  Taking supplements can also help speed results. Read our supplement guides to find the best supplements for your fitness goals.


  1. Have fun and enjoy your journey

I think that this is a step that many people miss when starting a plan to lose weight. If you are having fun and enjoying your workouts then this process will be easier and should turn into a lifestyle change. Find fun foods to eat that are still within your nutritional goals.



Bonus Tip: Taking Supplements can help with any fitness goal. Protein is a good foundation and can be used as a meal replacement. You may also want to look into getting a good fat burner.

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