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THREE Tips for Saving Money on Supplements

3 of the Best ways to save money and still reach your goals

The high cost of supplements can not only break your wallet, but it can break your spirit. The downfall of the economy has got everyone penny pinching and cutting corners to make ends meet. We admire all the bodybuilder’s and athlete’s that are using all these nice supplements, but truth be told, they don’t have to pay for them. They get free products to endorse the manufacturer. This article will give you the best tips for saving money and still getting the best supplements.

save money buying supplements online

Buy Your Supplements Online

Amazon & Bodybuilding.com are two of the best online retailers to get your supplements and save big. We all know how expensive it is to go in GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and buy a tub of protein, creatine, or pre workout. These brick and mortar retailers also suck you into membership programs with the promise of discounts at certain times of the month. The discount trap is a little bogus because the cheapest supplements are still found online. Online you can get a tub of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard for as low as $57.99. This same tub of protein sells for 30 dollars more in-store. That is monster savings in the supplement world. I know you are probably thinking about shipping, but Amazon has free shipping on the top brands and is tax free for most states.

Keep It Simple

Supps like creatine, glutamine, bcaas are all simple supplements and can be bought in their simplest form. You should Buy these items at low cost and low price per serving. A creatine monohydrate like Optimum Nutrition – Micronized Creatine Powder Creapure is about 7 to 12 cents per serving. You can buy 114 servings for only $21.00 on amazon. Keeping it simple can mean more savings for your wallet while still obtaining a high quality product.


Buy yourbuying supplements in bulk products in the larger sizes and get a bang for your buck.

It is no secret that the more you buy of one thing, the less you will have to pay for it. This holds true when it comes to buying supplements also. When it comes to protein and creatine, It’s best to get the largest size available and that dramatically lowers your cost per serving. For Instance Muscle Pharm Combat powder, 2 Pound container cost 31.94 however, you can purchase 3 more pounds of protein for 18 more dollars. Muscle Pharm Combat Powder is only $49.87.


Bonus Tip: Shop like your granny. We all have seen our parents or grandparents sitting on the couch clipping coupons to save a few dollars. You can do the same with you Supps but without the clipping. Bodybuilding.com offers instant coupons and discounts on most orders. You can also get manufacturer coupons and samples.

Summary: If saving money is your ultimate goal while continuing to get quality supplements, then I say drop that local retail store and start smart shopping for your supplements online. You will thank yourself later. Buy all your products in bulk and remember that keeping things simple will keep your wallet nice and fat. Your wallet should be the only thing that’s fat right? We hope that you find this guide to savings helpful. Take a look at our list of best supplements for muscle gain.

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