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Best supplements for muscle gain?

What are the Best Supplements for muscle gain?

All Athletes, fitness trainers, and bodybuilders want to know what supplements to take for muscle gain and strength. The problem is that there are tons and tons of supplements on the market and sometimes it can be overwhelming to search through them all and find the one’s that are essential for building and maintaining your muscles. Here is a list of the best supplements for muscle gain and reasons why these products are important to any muscle building goal:

protien is the whey to go

Protein is the definitely the Whey to go:

Whey Protein and Casein Protein are milk based proteins and both are the foundation for a good muscle building stack. These two types of protein are different and are delivered to the body in two different ways. Whey Protein and Casein Protein will increase your muscle strength and muscle size.

Whey protein is the most important of the two proteins because of it can be digested very quickly. It also has unique ability to get your body begin building muscle very rapidly. For best results You can take whey protein when you wake in the morning, before you hit the gym and workout, and definitely take after you work out. I always look for a protein that taste great, Easy to mix, and fairly priced, so I use Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard.

Casein Protein is next in line for building great muscle. Casein Protein is the opposite of whey because has very slow digestion speed which makes it the perfect supplement for a bedtime snack. Why take it before Bed? Because, it stops your body from eating away at your precious muscle(Catabolism). Casein does not make you feel full and it is very effective when taken with Whey protein after a high intensity workout. Most all Casein proteins have great flavor but you should aim to get a micellular casein like MUSCLE PHARM Casein.


hcl vs mono creatine

Creatine for energy and strength:

What is Creatine? Creatine consist of  three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. Studies show that creatine drastically increases muscle gain, strength, and stamina. Creatine draws water into your muscles and gives you extra energy during workouts which allows you to get that extra rep in. That extra energy you use to get that last rep allows your body to grow and stronger for long term gains. There are many forms of creatine and you should choose the one best for you. Click here if you are looking for the best creatine.


Get your Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs are the most important amino acids when it comes to building and repairing muscles after a vigorous workout.  Branched- Chain Amino Acids  refer to leucine, isoleucine and Valine with leucine being the king amino. All three of these amino acids work together to decrease soreness, build muscle,  rid the body of the muscle eating hormone (cortisol).

When I look for a good BCAA- I look for one with 2 to 1 ratio of leucine the product.
BSN AMINO X is one of the best BCAAS on the market.


That Concludes our  list of the best supplements for muscle gain and now you have a great foundation to get started building muscle and retaining muscle. Of Course there are other great supplements that you can add you supplement stack. Here are a few more suggestions, pre workout, testosterone booster, beta-alanine, and ZMA.

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